Cash Recycling Systems

Shorten your cash cycle by making notes immediately available for dispensing.


The CINEO C4040 is a multifunctional cash recycling system suitable for very small indoor spaces.

It’s just 45cm wide and offers maximum flexibility with operating modes for cash deposit, cash dispensing and cash recycling.

Up to two multifunctional options can be implemented (e.g. statement print, passbook, barcode reader, coin processing) and it is available with separate coin sidecar.


  • 15” display
  • Available with up to five cassettes
  • Recycles up to four denominations
  • Large deposit volumes

The CINEO C4040 is available as a Front Load or Rear Load system and can be installed a:

  • Freestanding machine
  • Partly integrated
  • Fully integrated
  • Window frame

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