Cash Recycling Systems

Shorten your cash cycle by making notes immediately available for dispensing.


The CINEO C4580 is a multifunctional cash recycler for outdoor installations with the processing capability for up to 50 cheques.

Its elaborate security features mean the CINEO C4560 is able to deliver a broad range of customer transactions. The system offers up to two multifunctional options operating in parallel (e.g. statement print, passbook module, barcode reader, integrated coin processing - coin out).



  • Available with up to fiveĀ cassettes
  • Maximum banknote capacity of 12,000 notes
  • Processes up to fourĀ denominations
  • Processing of up to 50 cheque bundles

The CINEO C4580 can be equipped with different safes and is available as a Front Load and Rear Load machine, offering maximum installation flexibility.

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