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Remote Key Loading

Terminal re-keying is a process that is usually undertaken at least once per year. Traditionally, this is a manual and labour intensive process that can be very costly.

That’s why Wincor Nixdorf have developed Remote Key Loading software called ProRKL. This software supports electronic key loading from a secure central point via switches and hosts, ensuring only human supervision – not intervention – is required.

Ideal for multivendor environments.

ProRKL supports NCR and Wincor Nixdorf signatures, as well as Diebold certificates.

Key ProRKL features:

  • Multivendor capability
  • Support for DES and Triple DES
  • Supports signature distribution
  • The NDC/DDC RKL protocol extensions from Wincor Nixdorf have been approved and are used by numerous switch providers
  • Used as open standards by Wincor Nixdorf NDC/DDC RKL protocol extensions.

Wincor Nixdorf has collaborated with leading switch providers to develop and release the NDC/DDC RKL protocol extension. And have ensured that this specification has become the open standard.

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