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Installation Services

Our team of experienced technicians have years of experience installing a range of ATMs. 

Whether we’re moving an internal ATM just a few metres, or fully installing a new ATM in a new location, our team understands how important it is to ensure installation meets both Government and Manufacturer standards.

Our installation process includes:

  • Acceptance: Planning your installation the moment we receive your installation order
  • Scheduling: Liaising with the site contact to schedule an installation date that suits all parties involved
  • Transportation: Your ATM is transported from our warehouse to site
  • Installation: Installing ATM to your specifications (including the supply and installation of surge protection)
  • Commissioning: Ensuring the hardware, software and network for your ATM is configured according to your specifications
  • Test Transactions: Performing a full suite of commissioning test transactions to ensure your ATM is performing optimally
  • Merchant Training: Providing essential training for you and/or your team so you fully understand the functionality of your new ATM
  • Removal of packaging material from site: Leaving the installation site in the same (or better) condition than which we arrived
  • Installation Checklist: Completing the detailed installation checklist
  • Confirmation: Reporting to you that each ATM is installed and operational
  • Online Access: Ensuring your new ATM is connected to the Installation Management Database for remote monitoring.

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