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Total ATM Implementation Services

We understand that speed-to-market is increasingly important in the banking and cash services industry. That’s why we’ve developed a Deployment Implementation Model for both lobby and through-the-wall (TTW) ATMs.

Our unique implementation model ensures your ATM is implemented quickly and efficiently:

  • Receiving: Our customer service teams begin organising all the details of your project, from the moment your order is received
  • Staging: We undertake thorough testing to ensure your final product behaves correctly and without fault, in the necessary environment
  • Distribution: Our customer service teams organise the distribution of your product to its new, specified location
  • Delivery: Our team ensures your ATMs are delivered to the right location at the right time
  • Installation: Our team performs the installation of your ATM at the required location
  • Handover: We commission the ATM, ensuring the latest software is installed, the device is transacting, and provide training to your team

A proven track record

Our implementation model has a proven track record in the Australian market, having been successfully used in a Swap Out program for approximately 4,000 ATMs over an 18 month period.

The ATM Swap Out project was delivered on time, with consistently high levels of product, managerial reporting and customer focused service.

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